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Our Team

Out team is like a big family. We can rely 100% on every single employee. And this is exactly what is needed to produce first-class motorhomes. From the design team to the entire production process to the office: We are very proud of our professional team. We can't introduce you to every one of our 430 First Class employees, but at least you can get to know some of them a little better here. 



The engineering genius. With over 30 years experience in the motorhome business he cares for excellent quality and always for a good mood in the team. He knows every screw of a MORELO and works every day with full commitment to ensure that our excellent models get even a little more outstanding.

Robert Crispens


MORELO appreciate dedicated passionate people. This is why our colleague Robert Crispens, a young family father, already did a big step on the career ladder. Presenting the factory to your clients and partners, he always finds some time for the issues of his colleagues. He became a precious member of the MORELO family.

Sven Stadthalter

Sales Director

Having worked as MORELO's technical manager for over 4 years, Sven knows our vehicles inside out. Thanks to his affinity for sales topics and his extremely good connection to customers and our dealers, he now works for us as sales director. His enthusiasm for camping and motorhomes drives him both privately and professionally. His goal: He wants to see a MORELO First Class caravan at every campsite at home and abroad.

Andreas Wolfer-Heimann

Sales Manager International

Our all-rounder from the Black Forest. The ultra-marathon runner leads negotiations in English, French, German or Italian, is a passionate skier and whenever he can travels in a motorhome. As a convinced optimist he doesn’t know any problems, only challenges. Because as long as there is water in the glass, it is also half full.



Dietmar Lorz

sales consultant

Simply a born salesman. Because he is traveling already for 15 years in the motorhome. Many times with the family, sometimes together with friends on the weekend - but the main thing for him is to be outside in the nature. So he knows exactly what his customers want. When he's not just selling a MORELO, he explores Franconian Switzerland with a mountain bike.

Dieter Glasbrenner


Simply doing the beautiful things in life without waiting too long. By applying this motto, Dieter Glasbrenner cannot be held back by anything to spend his spare time in nature. It does not matter whether by motorcycle, bike or skies. In his own motorhome any journey becomes a highlight. Our authentic sales consultant with Swabian dialect and great passion for the product boasts a contagious enthusiasm for MORELO. With over 25 years of experience as a professional, he is a well-rounded expert in the segment of luxury motorhomes and always knows what customers wish for.

Jürgen Langstengel


The explanator. There are most likely only very few people in the motorhome industry who are capable of explaining the small and big technical aspects of a motorhome as understandable, precise and exciting as our „explanator“ Jürgen Langstengel. It is therefore not a great surprise that the enthusiastic motorcyclist has not only been dedicated to factory handovers with an enormous passion for detail, but also to our MORELO explainer videos. Any questions left? Langstengel knows best.


Christian Link


He has always been fascinated by large vehicles and technology. Whether as a child, the agricultural and construction machinery in the family business or in his former job as a truck salesman at Daimler Truck AG, the trucks in all sizes. Thanks to his affinity for technology and decades of experience, he is able to respond precisely to his customers' needs because he knows the vehicles inside out. He has been an enthusiastic camper for a good ten years and whenever possible, he explores Franconia and the rest of Europe together with his family. For him, MORELO is the place where all these things come together and where he can share his know-how in personal conversations with prospective customers and clients.


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