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Convenient control centre

First-class travel and living comfort comes from the HOME's cockpit, which features a lavish amount of space, a standalone instrument panel and thorough attention to every detail, such as the bus-style wiper system and exterior mirrors. The removable leather steering wheel (optional) makes it easy to turn the driver's seat, allowing it to be integrated into the living room. The raised seating position creates an excellent panoramic view.


More room for life

Bigger inside than it is outside? It only seems that way. Despite its compact dimensions, the HOME offers much more room to move about than comparable vehicles thanks to the special MORELO furniture design. The comfortable and upholstered furniture, the level living room floor which stretches throughout the entire vehicle and plenty of first-class extras mean the HOME has everything that defines a MORELO.


One beautiful kitchen

What does a kitchen need to make you feel at home? Exactly what we have fitted it with in the HOME. The HOME's kitchen provides everything necessary to make first-class cuisine on the go, and in one space-saving package: A high-performance three-burner gas hob, a sink located for perfect ergonomics and plenty of stowage space for everything that belongs in your fully equipped kitchen.


A good mood to start the day

Enjoying the comfort of your own bathroom provides a happy start to your day of travel. And a final stop full of relaxation before you head to bed. The bathroom in the HOME gives you every creature comfort you could never do without at home. The partitionable bathroom area features a separate toilet stall for privacy. The large shower features a real glass door and lets you enjoy a refreshing start to every day. The feeling of home.


More room for beautiful dreams

Sleeping in the HOME is more than spending the night just anywhere. The two bed variants with spring system, multi-zone cold foam mattress and adjustable head sections let you drift off to sleep in bliss. As the moon slowly rises and the starry sky twinkles through the roof window above, you can let the events of the day drift through your mind as you begin to look forward to tomorrow … Dreaming in a HOME is a wonderful experience. What are you still waiting for?



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