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Driving with confidence

A ride as stable and comfortable as a train. Just with more mobility and versatility. Experience this for yourself in all MORELO models on IVECO or Mercedes-Benz chassis. Outstanding quality, superior performance and state-of-the-art chassis technology, from the sturdy ladder frame, to front and rear underride guards which prevent cars from submarining under the vehicle in the event of an accident. Your foundation for enjoying travelling for many thousands of miles.

Stable ladder frame

An excellent motorhome needs a solid base, such as our stable, hot-dip galvanised ladder frame.

  • Rear can be lowered, low loading sill
  • Sturdy stabilisers for a stable design
  • High torsional strength


Expert advice: Nothing underneath?

Expert advice: Move even further at the push of a button

Front module made of glass-fibre-reinforced plastic

Developed with Fahrzeugbau Meier and already installed in thousands of MORELO motorhomes.

  • Elevated seat position
  • Level living room floor
  • Perfect insulation
ZF 8-speed converter gearbox

The absolute best drive comfort The new 8-speed automatic from the gearbox specialist ZF makes this possible.

  • Wear-free start-up
  • Switching gears is barely noticeable
  • Maximum drive comfort


Expert advice: Professional chip tuning

Double reversing camera

The double reversing camera (optional), with one close-range camera and one long-range camera, makes manoeuvring a breeze.

  • Near the tailgate
  • Perfect visibility behind the vehicle
  • Digital rear-view mirror


Alloy wheels

Consider adding light alloy rims if you want to give your MORELO even more elegance.

  • Sporty look
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent durability
Jack system

A jack system (optional) provides maximum convenience and is especially useful for prolonged periods without movement.

  •  Effective level compensation
  •  No unpleasant wobbling
  •  Decreased stress on the tyres



Conseil d’expert: E+P Système de vérins entièrement automatique

Premium wall design

In a MORELO, you're surrounded by the best motorhome possible in motorhome construction. The interior and exterior walls offer stability thanks to their extremely corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy design. The hydrophobic XPS rigid foam provides a sensational insulation value. With the light weight you expect.


Premium living room floor

The high-quality PVC floor with a wood look is easy to clean and completely waterproof.

  • Fine wood look
  • Waterproof thanks to PVC floor covering
  • Easy to clean
Premium roof design

We build motorhomes with care, and think about how to guide water through the vehicle to ensure that side walls are not subjected to water damage.

  • Lightning protection thanks to an aluminium underbody
  • Optimum hail protection
  • Adhesion without any thermal bridges
Premium underbody

Thanks to its stable glass-fibre-reinforced plastic underbody, there's absolutely no need to worry about moisture or corrosion.

  • 100% waterproof
  • Partition panels made of ABS plastic
  • Optimum insulation values thanks to XPS foam
    electrical centre

    The VDE-tested electrical centre ensures an interference-free supply of power, just like you have at home. All supply, measuring and fuse protection points are clearly arranged in one place—exactly like the equipment in your home.

    Safety shut-off

    This increases the lifetime of the batteries significantly. The safety shut-off ensures that the batteries are disconnected from the system before damage results from a deep discharge.

    Control panel

    The control panel with touchscreen keeps you updated with the information about your MORELO you want to know.

    • Easy to operate
    • Central control system
    • Stainless steel frame
    Petrol generator

    The TEC 29 petrol generator from Dometic with 2.6 kW supplies 230 V reliably when there is no mains supply available.

    • Compact and lightweight design
    • Efficient and quiet in operation
    • Stable voltage for sensitive devices
    Battery Computer

    The available capacity of the on-board batteries and the power consumption you always have in view thanks to the battery computer.

    • In Combination with Charging / inverter combination
    • Display of the remaining capacity in percent
    • Amperage, voltage and remaining time
    Solar system

    Let the sun work for you. Each module is capable of storing 130 watts, enabling you to benefit from this free energy to charge the vehicle batteries.


    Expert advice: High-performance solar modules

    Gas locker

    The GRP locker is fully insulated, waterproof and provides stowage space for two gas bottles of 11 kilograms each.

    • Automatic toggle function
    • Full insulation from the living area
    • Easy to clean
    Charge Booster

    Always the optimum charging power, even for short distances. Full utilisation of battery capacity even in extreme weather conditions.

    • Full charge even at low speed
    • High charging power
    • Charge with IUoU charging characteristic
    Electrical packages

    Those looking to travel with complete self-sufficiency in their MORELO should take a closer look at the energy package options.

    Power Center

    A powerful energy central ensures comfort on board. Even sensitive household appliances can be operated without any problems.

    • 230 V always and everywhere
    • Battery charge up to 120A possible
    • Power shortage compensation
    Water Tanks

    Innovative air-tight rectangular tanks, including supply lines and tank venting, are located at the strut mount, allowing for complete filling.

    • Easy filling
    • Air-tight design helps prevent algae build-up
    • Expandable tank volume

    Household pipes with a large cross-section ensure a water flow free of problems. For optimal weight distribution, the tanks are located in the middle of the vehicle, protected from frost and freezing by the heated double floor.

    Waste water outlets

    We install household-quality pipes and large outlets with ball valves so that you can get rid of waste water quickly and easily.

    • Quick emptying
    • Prevents the release of odours
    • Optionally with electric functionality
    Gas tank

    Become even more independent: depending on the vehicle type, a gas tank with up to 150 liters (= approx. 55 kg) is possible.

    The symbiosis of function and design

    An outstanding motorhome is much more than the sum of its individual highlights. We give more consideration to this interaction than any other manufacturer. This is because we build luxury motorhomes out of conviction but we also enjoy driving them across Europe with the passion to visit every spot. For testing and for the pure joy of the ride.

    • Longest possible model lifecycles
    • Load capacity suitable for real-world use
    • Rugged design
    • Carefully selected suppliers
    • Decades of experience in theory and practice
    • Continuous refinement
    4-channel air suspension

    Travelling on cloud nine thanks to the air suspension (optional). No other system offers this kind of heavenly driving comfort while providing the true reliability to handle different load conditions.


    Expert advice: Stability + security

    VB-Airsuspension ActiveAir

    A smart suspension and damping system that adjusts to road conditions and the load in real time. (optional)

    • Approx. 40% less side tilt
    • Approx. 15% shorter braking distance
    • Approx. 8% less sensitivity to side wind
    Underride guards

    The underride guards (depending on model) prevent a car from sliding under the vehicle in the event of a rear-end collision, reducing the potential damage from the accident.

    • Compliance with the latest standards
    • Linked to the chassis frame
    • Reduced damage from accidents
    Telma Retarder

    The wear-free optional eddy-current retarder handles up to 90 percent of all braking operations. It effectively relieves the strain on the main brakes and minimises wear. Relaxed driving witha solid feeling of additional safety.


    The optional satellite TV system with fullyautomated alignment provides the best entertainment even while you're traveling.

    •  27 to 40" ultra-flat screen
    •  Fully automated satellite dish alignment
    •  Large reception range

    Thanks to the drawers integrated into the lounge bench, you can use the storage space without having to remove the upholstery.

    •  Additional stowage space
    •  Easy to use
    •  Optimal accessibility

    Up to five seats with safety belts, a premium glass wall unit and plenty of legroom allow you to relax with friends and family.


    Heating elements in front of the front windscreen protect against cold getting in and efficiently prevent the glass from fogging up.

    • Acts like a curtain of heat
    • Optimised room climate
    • Clear road visibility

    Thanks to perfect insulation and ideal placement of convectors, tanks and supply lines are positioned to prevent freezing.

    • Water tanks protected from freezing
    • Prevention of condensation
    • Even heat distribution in the vehicle

    Throughout the living room, several heating elements make efficient use of energy to ensure the MORELO comfort climate you have come to expect.

    • Perfect circulation
    • Hand towel dryer (depending on model)
    • Sleeping space and garage adjustable separately

    A relaxing shower is no problem in a first-class MORELO motorhome thanks to the high-performance hot water central heating system.

    • Gas-operated 5.8 kW heat output
    • Electric heat output up to 3 kW
    • Integrated boiler

      The high-strength steel design works with the false floor to create a level living room floor with the cockpit fully integrated into the living area.

      • Driver's seat above the impact area of a typical car
      • Underride guards in accordance with standards

      The standalone instrument panel is optimally adapted to the inner width of the motorhome and the needs of the driver and passenger.

      • Perfect driver seating position
      • 20 cm wider passage to the front
      • Cosy ambiance

      The living room windows with smooth exterior, interior roller blinds and specially built-in heating elements provide a one-of-a-kind living room size.

      • Measurably more space than the competition
      • Bathroom can be used by two people at once
      • Tempered glass living room windows (opt.)

      All MORELO motorhomes feature amazing stowage space availability in the false floor and large scooter or car garage.

      • Underfloor stowage space height of 366 to 480 mm
      • Heated stowage spaces and rear garage
      • Garage for cars from the Smart to Mini Cooper

      MORELO first-class motorhomes feature spacious living environments as well as comfortable, ergonomically designed cushions.

      • Lounge seating group or bar version
      • Microfibre or leather upholstery
      • Tested 3-point belt system

      Exceptionally high-quality, durable materials, real-world suitability and attention to every detail define every MORELO kitchen.

      • Extra deep kitchen cupboards and drawers
      • Kitchen worktop with double sink
      • High-quality built-in appliances

      A generously dimensioned bathroom, ample water supply and toilet with built-in tank combine to provide the bathroom comfort.

      • Large water tanks
      • Toilet with built-in tank or cassette toilet
      • Home-quality shower

      Cosy beds, outstanding sprung base with ventilation and perfectly matched multi-zone comfort mattresses let you sleep like at home.

      • 5-zone comfort cold foam mattresses
      • Spot-elastic comfort springs
      • Optional TV in bedroom


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