MORELO Reisemobile GmbH

Helmut-Reimann-Straße 2
96132 Schlüsselfeld/Germany


We are here for you:

Headquarters: +49 (0) 9552 - 92960-0

Service center: +49 (0) 9552 - 92960-500


Opening hours exhibition hall:

Monday – Friday: 08:00 – 17:00
Saturday: 09:00 – 14:00


Palace Exterior

Functional and perfectly formed

The MORELO PALACE. With the typical MORELO rear end it's a real eye-catcher. Thanks to the ergonomic rear spoiler you also get a more efficient driving experience with reduced dirt circulation. You are looking good even after your trip.

  • Protects the roof connection
  • Third integrated brake lamp
  • Sporty look
Luxury front end

Whether in scorching heat or icy cold temperatures, we’ve got you covered. A large grille prevents the engine from overheating, while the exhaust heat is used to heat the living space via a heat exchanger.

Bus-style exterior mirrors

There's no need to worry about blind spots. Extra-large exterior mirrors give you a clear rear view.

  • Integrated wide-angle mirrors
  • Large field of vision
  • Heated
Cockpit side windows

The flush side window prevents dirt and water streaks and can be set at any position.

  • Reduced wind noise
  • No thermal bridges
  • Insulation double glazing
Accessibility with attention to detail

All the important items can be accessed quickly thanks to smart use of space in the rear and double floor as well as optimal access. 

  • Optimal use of space
  • Unimpeded access
  • All important items can be accessed quickly

The extra large wiper field ensures you always have the visibility you need. Thanks to the sprayers integrated into the wiper mechanical system, the premium wiper blades guarantee excellent road visibility results.


The optional awning is seamlessly incorporated into the roof contour and can be installed on both sides of the vehicle as a single or even a double awning.

  • No wind noise
  • Electric extension function, rugged 220 V motor
  • Awning with LED lighting



Expert advice: Home wherever you are

Lighting concept

Our lighting concept consists of LED daytime running lights and state-of-the-art headlamps and provides good visibility at all times.

  • LED daytime running lights
  • Fog lights with cornering light
  • Elegant design
Optimum stowage space

Not having to go without something while on the go: that is real luxury. This is why vast storage space has always been a standard feature at MORELO.

  • Low boot sill
  • Easy accessibility
  • Safe-closing panels
Rear garage

Why should your mobility stop at the campsite? Wouldn’t it be better if it was just the starting point? The sky is the limit when you take your own car with you on your travels. And we promise that you only have to try it once to know you never want to miss out on it ever again.



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