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A journey through time: The first prototype

It all started with this MORELO PALACE

2010 is a very special year for MORELO, its the year, when Jochen Reiman made his and his later business partners Reihnard Löhner's dream come true. The journey starts in Janurary 2010 with the development of the typical MORELO design for the first prototype, MORELO PALACE 90 M. The team quickly grew to six employees, so that the prototype construction could be started in April. In June, the two-month construction phase of the prototype began. Of course, there was no factory of its own at that time. The vehicle was built in a rented, uninsulated small metal hall, which demanded a lot from the team: in summer it was like an oven and in winter even the sealing material is frozen. But it was precisely during this time that the team welded together so closely. The suppliers also supported MORELO wherever they could.



The project almost threatened to fail because the chosen brand names were protected and the costs for the patent attorney were hardly bearable. But the MORELO team managed to realize everything until the big unveiling at the Caravan Salon in August 2010. Only with the prototype and a construction sketch of the planned plant they sold eight vehicles. This shows the great trust of our first customers in MORELO which contributed significantly to the success of our company. Jochen Reimann and Reinhard Löhner sold the prototype to their first dealer Jörg Ziesener in 2011, but since spring 2018 is "home" again and presents itself in the MORELO showroom. We are pleased to be able to show our customers what standards and quality we have with him, already set at the beginning and remember with pleasure how our journey began.


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