MORELO Reisemobile GmbH

Helmut-Reimann-Straße 2
96132 Schlüsselfeld/Germany


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Headquarters: +49 (0) 9552 - 92960-0

Service center: +49 (0) 9552 - 92960-500


Opening hours exhibition hall:

Monday – Friday: 08:00 – 17:00
Saturday: 09:00 – 14:00


Swedish Test

MORELO at the Arctic Circle

Anybody can do a cold chamber. We prefer real test conditions. That's why Jochen Reimann and a film team spent seven days at the Arctic Circle freezing a MORELO PALACE. Whereby the model doesn't matter. Because outstanding body quality is a standard feature of each of our First Class motorhomes.

Minus 36 degrees

We are very proud of every single MORELO that leaves our factory in Schlüsselfeld. Our film "Minus 36 degrees - MORELO at the Arctic Circle" shows impressively why this is so.

The next level - MORELO at the Arctic Circle

"The next level" brings the enthusiasm for motorhomes that we have built into every single MORELO to the screen: with unique shots and overwhelming images.[Translate to English:]

We build our vehicles with a lot of passion. And with the best materials available in motorhome construction.

  • ideal insulation
  • Absolutely rot-proof
  • Free of cold bridges

From underfloor heating to hot water supply. A MORELO is absolutely suitable for the polar circle.

  • Perfect installation for ideal heat circulation
  • High gas storage capacity
  • Hot water underfloor heating

Why don't you go on holiday with your dream house? The body of a MORELO can take on the insulation effect of a brick house. It's only in terms of weight that we can't quite do that. In a MORELO you are surrounded by the best materials available in motorhome construction. The inner and outer walls are made of a particularly corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy for stability and the hydrophobic XPS rigid foam for a sensational insulation value. Naturally light weight.


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