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Fit for the winter.

Whether you are setting off on a freezing camping adventure or putting your motorhome into hibernation, with the MORELO winter checklists you are well prepared for the icy months.

You can also easily download the general winter checklist free of charge: > DOWNLOAD

Here we have collected useful tips if you want to put your MORELO motorhome into a well-deserved hibernation period: > DOWNLOAD

You are also on the road during the cold season? Then here is a checklist for carefree winter camping: > DOWNLOAD



Similar to your car the following can be applied to your MORELO: Leave the winter tires on from October to Easter. Especially bear in mind to have sufficient tire tread and pressure. Otherwise you may experience an unsafe ride that poses an enormous accident hazard, particularly in snow and ice.



In order to ideally protect the motor and windscreen washer against freezing temperatures we recommend to think of the necessary frost protection liquids as soon as possible. In autumn you can start on a small scale and if need be choose a higher protection in case of increasingly cooler temperatures. While you are on it, quickly check your oil level.



Even if you do not feel like checking the oil in freezing conditions… We recommend regular check-ups since the motor needs just the right amount of oil to run smoothly. When checking the oil level the motor should be cool with your vehicle positioned horizontally. During a petrol stop 5 minutes are enough for the oil to move in one place again. The filling level should lie between the minimum and maximum mark. Attention: too much oil is equally as bad as not enough oil!



This does not only matter during winter but also in adverse conditions such as rain and snow when you should also pay attention to the quality of your vehicle‘s windscreen wipers. Cracks and porous areas reduce the wiping power in the event of precipitations. Moreover, in combination with general darker lighting conditions this can lead to a tremendous visibility obstruction.


Also your ALDE heating has to be prepared for the winter. In order to check its level, simply open the cover of the equalizing tank. Also make sure that you have used frost protection for up to -20 °C.


During the summer months on blue, in the winter on red – for heat. For operation in the months of autumn and winter simply switch the lever of the engine heat exchanger to the winter position. This will ensure that the habitation heater is supported by the engine heat during your ride.



Do you still remember the winter cover for your refrigerator? Where exactly did you put it at the beginning of last spring? Now is the time to make use of it again to efficiently protect the incoming air of your refrigerator against lower temperatures.



The traces of your last summer trip should now be eliminated after proper in-depth cleaning. Please put special attention to the gaskets of the windows, rooflights and flaps. Please also check for porous areas or cracks.


If the temperature drops below 5 °C, the gas supply in your MORELO motorhome is secured via EisEx. You will find the EisEx switch above the habitation door.

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