MORELO Reisemobile GmbH

Helmut-Reimann-Straße 2
96132 Schlüsselfeld/Germany


We are here for you:

Headquarters: +49 (0) 9552 - 92960-0

Service center: +49 (0) 9552 - 92960-500


Opening hours exhibition hall:

Monday – Friday: 08:00 – 17:00
Saturday: 09:00 – 14:00


MORELO in detail

Motorhome technology up close.

Every MORELO is a technical masterpiece. Our managing director Reinhard Löhner is convinced of this. And he knows his way around like no other. With over 30 years of experience in motorhome construction, nobody can fool him. That's why he now wants to share his concentrated technical knowledge with all MORELO fans. And we have come up with something very special for this: In exclusive web videos, Reinhard Löhner shows you numerous highlights of our vehicles and explains what makes a motorhome a real MORELO.

Please note: You can activate English subtitles in the video menu of Youtube.

Technology Webcast 01

The chassis

- Which chassis does MORELO use?
- What is so special about a MORELO chassis?
- What does a MORELO chassis offer in terms of comfort?

Technology Webcast 02

The double-floor

- What does the construction of a MORELO make so special?
- What about the weight distribution?


Technology Webcast 03

The furniture construction

- What is so special about furniture construction at MORELO?



Technology Webcast 04

The exterior

- What is so special about the construction of a MORELO?
- What advantages does the exterior of a MORELO offer?

Technology Webcast 05

The driver’s cabin

-What does the cockpit of a MORELO offer in terms of comfort?



Technology Webcast 06


- What does the interior of a MORELO First Class motorhome make so special?


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