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» Our MORELO «

Read the personal stories of MORELO owners


The right choice made. After countless trips as enthusiastic globetrotters, the two of them longed for a mobile residence. When they looked around the market in 2016, they quickly realised that only one provider could fulfil their individual wishes: MORELO. Thanks to the fantastic advice and attention to detail, your motorhome became our very own personal home.

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A good feeling right from the start. 100% members of the big "Willkommen Daheim" family right from the start. Kirsten Frey & Sven Rocksien feel they are in good hands at MORELO, no matter where the journey takes them.

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It was love at first sight. Since then, the MORELO PALACE of the Kohnen family is a faithful compagnion both professionally as a mobile hotel and office at trade fairs,  and as a 2-room apartment on trips from southern Italy to the North Sea.

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Karin & Gerrit

As first-generation MORELO drivers, Karin and Gerrit enjoy traveling to France with their MORELO PALACE to visit friends. And in Schlüsselfeld, they always feel right at home and appreciate the great service.

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Gudrun & Reinhard

They have fulfilled their lifelong dream of retirement by purchasing a MORELO PALACE. Since then Gudrun and Reinhard enjoy the comfort of their First Class motorhome and travel to various European destinations. Their motto: the main thing is nature. As they both love to be active outside.

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The Strack Family

Luxury journey in a double pack: The twin brothers Karl-Werner and Otto-Günther Strack have a very special connection and are now sharing their third MORELO motorhome. The annual highlight for the twins and their wives Karin and Roswitha: The MORELO OPEN in Schlüsselfeld, when all four are finally on the road together.

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Elsbeth & Werner

The two Swiss won't give back again their "private oasis of well-being". For Elsbeth and Werner Baumgartner, their MORELO LOFT is the perfect travel companion, because it offers them maximum storage space, but at the same time is manoeuvrable enough to also access smaller parking spaces. "WELCOME HOME" - probably the most beautiful sentence in the world.

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Gisèle & Peter

North, south, west or east. For Gisèle and Peter Müller only one thing is certain: Never again without their MORELO PALACE. They have already covered almost 50,000 kilometres and experienced the most amazing things. Here you can read what they particularly appreciate about their First Class motorhome and what they have experienced in the Scottish Highlands.

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Petra & Ralf

Petra and Ralf are fans of the first hour. Already at the CSD 2010 it was clear to them that it should be someday a MORELO. Now they are looking forward to their third First Class Reismobil, a MORELO PALACE. But until his arrival, they conquer the world together with Kater Mogli and theyr PALACE LINER.

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