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VB-Airsuspension ActiveAir Chassis: error correction

Do It Yourself

The ActiveAir system shows an error, the switch in the driver’s compartment is flashing or not reacting when trying to toggle between the driving modes.

A fuse is broken.


Change the fuse.

Step 1:Turn off the ignition.
Step 2:Unlock the hood with the lever in the driver’s footwell and open the hood.
Step 3:Control the 15A fuse of the ActiveAir system.
Step 4:Take the 15A and 7,5A fuse out of its mounts.
Step 5:Remove the 15A fuse.
Step 6:Remove the 7,5A fuse.
Step 7:Put a new 15A fuse back in. When doing this, please pay attention that the 7,5A fuse has to be removed beforehand since this could otherwise lead to an electrical short and the 15A would blow.
Step 8:Now you can reinsert the 7,5A fuse and put back both fuses into their mounts. Close the hood.

You should now be able to operate the ActiveAir system as usual again.

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