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ALDE heating: Fix a gas outing

Do It Yourself

The heating does not receive any gas. The Alde screen indicates a gas outing.

> The gas tank is empty (It can be checked via the control panel).
> The stopcock of the gas tank/gas bottle is closed.
> The stopcock underneath the seating bench is closed.
> The crash sensor of your gas tank was triggered , i.e. when going over a pothole.


Refill the gas tank, open stopcocks or reset the crash sensor:

Step 1:Check the level of the gas tank on the control panel by pressing the „INFO“ button and select the gas tank. The level will be indicated. If the tank is empty, please refill. If the tank is still sufficiently filled, please proceed to the next step.
Step 2:Remove the cover from the gas tank.
Step 3:Push the green button of the crash sensor with a key or a similar object and keep pushing for several seconds in order to open the locked valve.
Step 4:Remove the grey cover of the fuse box in the electrical compartment.
Step 5:Remove the 10A fuses for the heating (see description on the cover) and wait for several seconds before reinserting the fuse to reset the electronics for the heating.

The heating should now receive gas again and the error should have disappeared.

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