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The caravan industry is booming and an end to this trend is nowhere to be seen. For this reason the Schlüsselfeld-based luxury motorhome manufacturer MORELO in the area of Bamberg plans a comprehensive expansion of its premises to increase their own capacities and to be able to meet the constantly rising demand for MORELO first-class motorhomes.

In the last 10 years MORELO has evolved into the most popular enterprise in the category of luxury motorhomes. „This is exactly why healthy growth needs to be further guaranteed. We want to embark into a promising future together with our 380 employees.“, says Robert Crispens, managing director of MORELO Reisemobile GmbH.

In a timeframe of only 8 months a new area of 4,350 m² is planned in 2 construction phases. „We precisely know what we need and how to implement it.“, says Reinhard Löhner, manging director of MORELO Reisemobile GmbH. „If somebody is able to do a project in this dimension in that amount of time, it is MORELO. As is known projects in extraordinary size are our specialty.“




In order to present the customers and visitors an even higher exhibited offer of first-class motorhomes, the showroom in ist already generous dimensions will be expanded by another 675 m². Further consultation spaces, a new customer lounge and office rooms for the sales and order management department will be placed in the new partly two-storey addition on the eastern side of the existing main building.

The first turn of the shovel is already set to take place in May 2021. The completion of the construction work is intended for December 2021. The inauguration will subsequently follow in due time thereafter.




On the west side of the plant, the existing production line will be expanded by 64 meters, i.e. 5 new working stations. As a result there will be 23 generous working stations on a total of 285 meters of production line available which are absolutely mandatory given the increasing production. Moreover, new space will be made available for both the panel and part production as well as the machine park among other things. The expansion in construction phase 2 will be erected on a surface of 3,520 m² to seamlessly be added to the existing plant. 

Only 2 months after the start of construction phase 1, the delve of spade for construction phase 2 is planned for July 2021. The production expansion is set to be finished parallel to construction phase 1 in December 2021.

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