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  1. Home is home

    Exclusivity, style, comfort.

  2. Exterior

    The opportunity to make a first impression never comes again.

  3. Cockpit

    The control centre for limitless wanderlust

  4. Living space

    Mobile but always at home


Home is home

Exclusivity, style, comfort. All this and more awaits you in a luxury motorhome like the MORELO EMPIRE. But let's not be modest. One of our best first-class offers more than just comfort and convenience. The MORELO EMPIRE provides something even more valuable: The feeling of being at home.

Perfect design

including on the go

The opportunity to make a first impression never comes again. The MORELO EMPIRE needs no second chances; it draws you in at first glance.





It features a sporty front-end, elegant exterior design, refined contours and smooth side walls from front to back.




Wanderlust in its most beautiful form. And the aspects you cannot see can be felt all the more: The extremely thick 52 mm walls that provide outstanding room climate at any outside temperature.

The control centre for

limitless wanderlust

Climb aboard and immediately feel at home. Everything is right where you expect. Perfect functionality with the comforts of living that go above and beyond make the cockpit of the MORELO EMPIRE a true wonder. The raised seating position provides an overview and panoramic view of the road and the landscape. Simply start it up and the journey becomes your destination.

living space highlights

removable leather
steering wheel

living space highlights

removable leather
steering wheel

Swivel seats

living space highlights

Swivel seats

Nine inches of navigation,

living space highlights

Nine inches of navigation,

Unique light concept

living space highlights

Unique light concept

Mobile but

always at home

Why skip out on something that is an intrinsic part of your life? Such as refined convenience, exclusive ambiance in your living room, stylish furniture, seat cushions with unmatched comfort, top-end equipment down to the details and vivid lighting. You do not have to leave any of this behind in your MORELO EMPIRE. Quite the contrary.

Good taste knows

no bounds

Gazpacho in Spain or wild salmon in Norway: The MORELO EMPIRE has an international kitchen and it comes fully furnished to offer all the refinements for putting a region's culinary specialities on your table. Or just simple fare from home.




Good taste knows no bounds. Not in a MORELO EMPIRE in any case. 

Your spa

to go

Relaxed comfort in an atmosphere of quiet luxury. Whether in Lappeenranta in Finland or on the outskirts of Estoril in Portugal, at the beach or in the mountains—the bathroom in the MORELO EMPIRE leaves nothing to be desired with its refined natural stone look, stylish fixtures and lavish amount of space.


Normally we would never leave you out in the rain. But this time we are sure you will enjoy it. Enjoy the comfort of showering at home while parked at your favourite travel destinations.





Your next spa visit is only ever one door away in a MORELO EMPIRE.

Starry sky


It feels good to be at home. EvoPore multi-zone mattresses including a comfort sprung base and ergonomic water gel top layer let you enjoy the feeling of sleeping at home every night. 


And you can look forward to the next amazing day of your trip in your MORELO EMPIRE as you gaze through the panorama roof window at the starry sky twinkling above. 

The garage with the

mobility guarantee

Room for 180 cases of mineral water. This is what the rear garage of the MORELO EMPIRE can offer—but who needs that much water? How about some bicycles, scooters or motorcycles instead? Or maybe something that offers a little more comfort?


The MORELO EMPIRE has room for a Smart, ...





... Fiat 500, Mini Cooper or even a Porsche. 


Season 2018

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